Millbrook High School Wins 2016-17 IGC Visit!


Millbrook High School (Millbrook, New York) was our first-prize winner in the third annual
Iron Giraffe Challenge, winning a visit from WFSS Founder Salva Dut and Executive Director Lynn Malooly in June 2017.

In the third year of the challenge Millbrook is the first high school to take the top prize. Organized by English teacher Michelle Traudt, juniors at the school raised funds for the Iron Giraffe Challenge and helped bring awareness to their community of the need for clean water in South Sudan.

The entire Millbrook community warmly welcomed Salva and Lynn, who met with three different classes, sharing more about WFSS and how we drill wells. Salva enjoyed interviewing the students as well, and got the conversations started by asking students how dating works in the United States. The students were then riveted as Salva described the very different ways in which young people date in South Sudan, noting that young couples are not left alone, and do their courting among friends, and with parents and family members present. Salva talked about the difficulties in coming to the U.S., and how hard it was to learn English. One student asked him about ESL (English as a Second Language) classes, noting that she too was a refugee, and had to learn English when she arrived in America.

Salva then spoke to an assembly of the entire high school, joined by the eighth graders from Millbrook Middle School. A student-created video opened the assembly, followed by Salva telling his story, answering questions about well drilling, and explaining what it was like when he first came to the U.S. as a refugee.

The day finished with a presentation for the Millbrook community. Salva helped deepen understandings of the need for water, WFSS's processes, and answered more questions about his life in both the U.S. and South Sudan. Students and parents alike were clearly moved by meeting Salva and learning more about him.

Salva's Thank You

A special thank you to our 2016-17 Iron Giraffe partner schools!

Thank you to Millbrook High School and the surrounding community for being wonderful hosts to the WFSS team!
Children like you and your classmates are leading the charge to help the children of South Sudan!



“I never cry, but I cried twice today!”
— Millbrook High School student