WFSS loves to see what creative and fun things people do for fundraisers. Here are some ideas for your next fundraiser! 

Fundraising Ideas
  • Join the H2O Project

  • Partner with a local Rotary Club or other civic organization, faith communities, or businesses that might help or match the funds you raise

  • Ask parents to check with their employers on matching gifts for WFSS

  • Plan weekly events, possibly using a theme of "Water Wednesdays"

  • Organize a run/walk, distance swim, bicycle, or hike event

  • "Free Throws" for WFSS: students have friends sponsor their free throws

  • Have a student art sale and designate proceeds to go to WFSS

  • Have a dress down/wear hats day and charge students $1 to participate

  • Setup a donation jar in a main area of the school

  • Collect bottles and return for deposits

  • Raise funds in memory of a lost loved one

  • Hold a dance marathon/ run dance concessions

  • Ask family and friends to donate to WFSS instead of buying gifts for birthdays, holidays, or other events

  • Join the Iron Giraffe Challenge with your school

The possibilities are endless... get creative! Share your ideas with us by emailing

Fundraiser Materials