Fundraising Inspiration

WFSS loves to see what creative and fun things people do for fundraisers. Here are some ideas for your next fundraiser! 

(Feel free to make your own swag with our logo for your fundraising…see “Fundraiser Materials” below!)

Fundraising Ideas
  • Join the H2O Project

  • Partner with a local Rotary Club or other civic organization, faith communities, or businesses that might help or match the funds you raise

  • Ask parents to check with their employers on matching gifts for WFSS

  • Plan weekly events, possibly using a theme of "Water Wednesdays"

  • Organize a run/walk, distance swim, bicycle, or hike event

  • "Free Throws" for WFSS: students have friends sponsor their free throws

  • Have a student art sale and designate proceeds to go to WFSS

  • Have a dress down/wear hats day and charge students $1 to participate

  • Setup a donation jar in a main area of the school

  • Collect bottles and return for deposits

  • Raise funds in memory of a lost loved one

  • Hold a dance marathon/ run dance concessions

  • Ask family and friends to donate to WFSS instead of buying gifts for birthdays, holidays, or other events

  • Join the Iron Giraffe Challenge with your school

The possibilities are endless... get creative! Share your ideas with us by emailing

Fundraiser Materials