Sanitation Project

 Students at Zogolona School in Wau

Students at Zogolona School in Wau


Latrines help communities prevent the spread of disease.

WFSS’s sanitation program directly addresses the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #6 to ensure access to water and sanitation for all.

In 2018, WFSS completed its first sanitation project by building a latrine at Zogolona Primary School in Wau, serving 800 students.

School Latrine Project

WFSS broke ground for the latrine in January, 2018. The project was supervised by WFSS Country Director AJ Agok.

“The Ministry of Education urged the rest of the NGOs to work like Water for South Sudan. She also said that the education system would be highly improved if all NGOs were operating like Water for South Sudan,” AJ said, after the latrine groundbreaking at Zogolona Primary School.

Over 800 students at this school are able to use the latrine. The WFSS team continues to work closely with school leadership to monitor the project and ensure it is sustainable. If this pilot project in collaboration with the Zogolona School is successful, WFSS will implement similar projects at additional schools.

The Impact

Before WFSS drilled a well and built latrines at Zogolona, children would often miss lessons because they had to walk 30 minutes on average to find drinking water or to relieve themselves in the bush. Now with access to a latrine, the school day is not interrupted and learning is the main focus!

The Zogolana School’s Deputy Principal shared his gratitude for WFSS’s work. “We can now eat the sweet fruit of water which is life itself.  WFSS has done a great job. We will keep up the spirit of what you have done. You will be in the history of Zogolona Primary School.  The community will stand strongly for fundraising to support the latrine for the future.”