Our Team



Lynn Malooly, Executive Director

Lynn is responsible for overseeing the administration, programs and strategic plan of the organization. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, with experience in community relations and alternative education, Lynn joined WFSS in 2010 as the first US employee.

E-mail: lynn.malooly@waterforsouthsudan.org

Ater Akol Thiep, WFSS Country Director

Ater, known to all as "Lion", serves as WFSS Country Director overseeing all drilling, well rehab and hygiene projects and programs. He co-chairs our South Sudan Leadership Council, comprised of all managers in South Sudan. A former “Lost Boy” of Sudan he met WFSS Founder Salva Dut in a refugee camp and relocated to the US in 1996?, working for Samsung in Texas. In 2008, Lion joined WFSS as a drilling team manager. Lion expanded his technical and leadership skills and now serves as Country Director and leads our Well Rehabilitation Team. Want more? Here is Lion's 2008 Interview

Ajang Abraham Agok, WFSS Country Director

Ajang, more commonly known as AJ, serves as our other Country Director, overseeing projects at the WFSS compound in Wau, as well as new sanitation projects. He is also our coordinator for government relations and collaborative partnerships and co-chairs our Leadership Council in Wau. Also one of the "Lost Boys" of Sudan, he came to the U.S. in 2000, settling in Dallas and working for Samsung. In 2013, AJ joined WFSS as an intern on our drilling team. He quickly established himself as a valuable team member andalso has served as assistant drilling manager and Associate Country Director before becoming a Country Director alongside Lion. 


Cindy DeCarolis, Director of Development

Cindy develops and implements WFSS’s annual fundraising plan, goals, and budget, monitoring and evaluating all fundraising activities to ensure goals are being achieved. A graduate of Syracuse University joined WFSS in 2013.

E-mail: cindy.decarolis@waterforsouthsudan.org


Gary Prok, Operations Support Coordinator

Gary works with the operations team in South Sudan to support all WFSS programs, and assists in logistics with a goal of continuous improvement in all areas of WFSS operations. A graduate of Ohio State University, Gary's experience include working at Eastman Kodak Company and Cerion. He joined WFSS in 2018.

E-mail: gary.prok@waterforsouthsudan.org


Jennifer Cook, Office Administrator

Jennifer oversees the Rochester office, including all accounting and clerical duties, and also serves as Corporate Secretary. A graduate of the State University of Buffalo, Jennifer joined WFSS in 2017.

E-mail: jennifer.cook@waterforsouthsudan.org

Ashley Weibel.jpg

Ashley Weibel, Donor Relations and Data Coordinator

Ashley manages donor and operations data, and serves as the point person for donors, schools and fundraising. A graduate of Allegheny College, with experience in Global Health, Ashley joined WFSS in 2018.

E-mail: ashley.weibel@waterforsouthsudan.org

Additional staff located in South Sudan

* website is under construction...information coming soon!

Board of Directors 


Our Board of Directors is a diverse group of people inspired by our founder’s life and personal example, and committed to fulfilling Water for South Sudan's mission.


John De Seyn
Retired Engineer, Macedon, NY

Joseph Eckl
Board Treasurer; Senior Manager, Empire Valuation Consultants, Rochester, NY

Laura Hayden
Community Volunteer, Rochester, NY

Penny Crudup
Community Volunteer, Rochester, NY

Sue Coia
Operations/Engineer, Rochester, NY

Thomas McCarthy
Resource Development Manager, MODIS: IT Recruiting, Rochester, NY 

Tim Cook
President of Cook Communications LLC, Rochester, N.Y.

Bob Shea
Board President; Communications Consultant; Adjunct Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY

Christopher Moore
Board Vice President; Financial Advisor, Rochester, NY

Angelique Stevens
Professor, Monroe Community College, Rochester, NY

Anne Turner
Non Profit Professional, Boston, MA

Glenn M. Balch, Jr.
Immediate Board Past President, Business Consultant, Rotary Past District Governor, Brea, CA.

Jim Myers
Operations Management/ Finance, Rochester, NY

Emeritus Board Members:
James Blake, Founding Board Member
John Bevier, Founding Board Member
John Turner*, WFSS Chief Operating Officer, 2007-2011
  * Deceased
Nancy Curme, Founding Board Member
Nancy Frank, Founding Board Member
Scott Arrington*, Founding Board Member