The Seeds of Change Circle recognizes donors who have made the commitment to give monthly to support our work. This dedicated group recognizes the importance of Salva’s vision, beginning with his dream of drilling one well in his father’s village. We are deeply grateful to this group for ensuring that we can continue to provide access to fresh water to those in great need.

Deepa Alapat, TX

Anonymous Donor

Raul Arevalo, CA 

Stanley and Tracy Avallone, TX

Raul Arevalo, CA 

Gary Barnes, UT

Bruce and Patricia Blaine, NY

Stanley Boyd, NY

Deborah Buckwalter, CA

Philip Chernin, MA

Gina Darlak, NY

Laura Doig, CT

Diane Dos Santos, IL

Claudette Fage, RI

Steven Ford, CA

Heidi Friederich, NY

Paula Futrell, NY

Elizabeth Gagnon, CO

Lisa Gates, OK

Aline Gery, MA

Robert Gibson, FL

Leslie Goff, AR

Raymond and Gladys Haak, TX

Amanda Haney, OH

Mary Keane-Hazzard, MA

Travis Henderson

Allison Kloska, IN

Stephanie Lopes Da Costa, DU

Roger and Lisa Loveridge, GA

Danny Mallott, MN

Jennifer Manlove, MD


Katherine Maria, NY

Steven and Dorothy Martin, TN

William and Kathleen McFadden, VA

Rebecca McGuigan, GA

Mark and Debbie McKeever, MN

Christopher and Louise Moore, NY

Mary Neidert, NY

Lin Ng, NY

Charlene Nye

John and Victoria Ohst, NY

Christina Olson, WA

Cheryl Pavlov-Shapiro, NY

Margie Phillips, OR

Anne Provencher, MA

Kevin and Kimberly Ransom, NC

Mary-Elin Renzullo, CT

Donald Searles, IL

Mark and Jill Selvey, NE

Louise Sherman, NJ

Charles Smith, PA

Dina Strasser, NY

LeAnne Sugimoto, CA

Jim and Anne Swan, TX

Shannon Trout, VA

John Wack, MD

Michelle Weisblatt, TX

Julie West, UT

Natalie Wight, QL

Mark Wright, CA

Pamela Wynne, Ireland