Pine Lake Prep School in North Carolina Wins IGC Visit!


The 2018 Iron Giraffe Challenge visit began at Charlotte Douglas International Airport as Salva and WFSS Executive Director Lynn Malooly were met by an enthusiastic group of students along with seventh grade ELA teacher Natalie Goodwin, and Pine Lake Prep Director Andrew Morceri.


On the bus ride from the airport, Pine Lake students performed an original song composed for Salva. Two seventh graders, Emma and Laura Anne, wrote the song, and Laura Anne played along on the ukulele. It was a memorable start to a memorable trip!

Later that afternoon, Pine Lake teacher Natalie Goodwin gave Lynn and Salva a short tour of the campus.  During the tour, a large group of girls from the softball team spotted Salva. They came running from the field to share hugs and smiles, and even grabbed a few selfies.

After meeting more teachers and administrators, Salva was interviewed by a reporter from the Mooresville Tribune. You can read the article from the Tribune here. That evening Salva spoke to a full auditorium of community members, sharing his story as a Lost Boy and the journey of creating Water for South Sudan. Lynn also spoke to share some stories from her recent trip to South Sudan. After an insightful question and answer session, Salva signed copies of A Long Walk to Water for the many who lined up for his autograph. 

Salva's visit to the school began dramatically. He entered the auditorium from the back, and was greeted with a loud chorus of student voices, which swelled into a cheer as the students clapped for their hero. Salva made it up to the stage where he addressed the rapt audience of seventh and eighth graders, telling his story of faith, hope, and perseverance. 

Later, while Salva took a break backstage, 9th and 10th graders took their seats and were treated to a look back at Pine Lake’s four years of fundraising for WFSS with a video presentation prepared by seventh graders. Salva then shared his story with the high school students. They responded with rapt attention, followed by insightful questions.

Teacher Natalie Goodwin finished the assembly by announcing that the entire Pine Lake Prep community, a K-12 school, would focus on WFSS for their fundraising efforts next year. 

“We’re going for a well!”
— Pine Lake Prep student

Thank you to the students and staff at Pine Lake Prep for participating in the Iron Giraffe Challenge, and for hosting Salva and Lynn so warmly and generously (even with only three weeks to prepare). The entire staff at WFSS is so grateful for the support of Pine Lake and all the schools that participated in this 2017-18 Iron Giraffe Challenge.