WFSS Seeks Lead Mechanic in South Sudan

Water for South Sudan is seeking a full time lead mechanic for our Operations Center in Wau. The lead mechanic will be responsible for general mechanical work, repairing and maintaining cars, trucks, drilling rigs, compressors, and generators.

Expectations/Requirements for Lead Mechanic

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1.      Applicant must be a South Sudanese citizen with at least two years’ experience as a mechanic with an International or National NGO, and must present a letter of recommendation from a former employer.

2.      Applicant must be fluent in English and able to communicate with US personnel in English, including technical description of problems, parts, and tools, and without needing the assistance of additional South Sudan management/staff.

3.      Applicant must have a basic understanding of diesel engines, i.e., must understand the components and operation of the intake, compression, and exhaust cycles, and have awareness of engine problem indicators, such as sounds, exhaust smoke, stalling, fluids leakage, etc.

4.      Applicant should be familiar with diesel fuel injection systems and the importance of keeping fuel clean and free of water and any contact with sources of dirt and moisture.

5.      Applicant should be familiar with general maintenance requirements and procedures, such as chassis and drive train lubrication, and oils and air filtration.

6.      Applicant must have knowledge and experience in routine vehicle maintenance requirements and procedures, such as brake systems, steering mechanisms inspection, wheel and axle bearings, and proper clutch operation and adjustment.

7.      It is helpful that applicant understands basic electrical controls and wiring, including difference between AC and DC power as WFSS relies on generators to support operations.

8.      Knowledge of the selection and use of proper tools for tasks, and proper safety procedures, such as redundant support (i.e., blocking) in addition to hydraulic or mechanical jacking devices

9.      Knowledge of how to install and replace seals, and understanding of how their configuration (shape) determines proper orientation and installation, is valuable.

10.  Ability to weld is a desired and helpful capability for our operations, but not a requirement.

11.  Applicant will be responsible for keeping vehicle and equipment maintenance, repair, and service records.

12.  Applicant is expected to read manuals and follow written directions.

Accountability: Lead mechanic reports to the Country Director and Associate Country Director

Qualifications:   South Sudanese citizen, fluent in English and appropriate mechanical experience

Training:              Training could be available, to be determined by WFSS Leadership Council.

Evaluation:         An annual performance evaluation is prepared by Leadership Council.


Position starts with a three month probation period. After probationary period, applicant will be entitled to a review of compensation and performance.

Vacation:  Eligible for 4 weeks per year, after one year of full-time employment.

PIT:   All employees are responsible for paying Personal Income Tax, to be withheld from payroll.

Social Insurance:  WFSS will contribute 17% of salary, and employee will contribute 8% of salary, to be withheld from pay and placed in the employee’s social insurance fund held by the organization.


Send resume, letter of application highlighting mechanical experience, and letter of reference from former employer to: 

WFSS Country Director Ater Akol Thiep:
WFSS Associate Country Director: Ajang Agok:

Deadline:  February 28, 2018