You can help keep peace in Southern Sudan, enabling Water for Sudan to continue transforming lives.

This well was drilled in 2010 in Bar Amiyok village, Western Bahr Al Gahzal State in Southern Sudan. It brings life-giving, safe water to the whole village. Our supporters enabled us to drill this well and 31 others this drilling season. You made it happen. But Water for Sudan cannot keep drilling wells if peace doesn't continue before and after the January 2011 referendum when Southern Sudanese will vote on whether to remain part of Sudan or secede.

Keep the water flowing. Take action.

The Enough Project works hard to both end the violence in Darfur, and ensure a peaceful result to Southern Sudan's referendum, no matter what the outcome of the vote for independence. They're on the ground in Sudan studying the situation constantly. Enough prepares white papers on Sudan, and actively participates in influencing US policy toward Sudan.

Currently the US is not taking nearly the leadership role required to ensure a peaceful referendum and transition to a stable future in Sudan, as it did when the Bush administration brokered the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement ending 21 years of civil war in Sudan.

You can help keep peace. Here's how.

Go to the Enough Project's Sudan Now page.  There are suggested actions and links to:

  • Sign a petition for a stronger US role
  • Contact your members of Congress
  • Write a letter to your editor
  • Rally your faith-based or other community group
  • Share the message

Click here to go to Enough's Sudan Now page.

Keep informed. Read Enough's just-released policy paper:

What’s Wrong with U.S. Policy Toward Sudan and How to Fix It

Click here to download the paper now.