WFSS Completes Successful 2013-14 Season with 40 New Wells

Drilling team 2014.jpg

WFSS 2014 drilling crew drilled 40 new wells in the always challenging landscape of South Sudan.

The Water for South Sudan team installed 40 new wells with hand pumps this year.  The team faced the usual challenges of little or no infrastructure in South Sudan, along with extreme conditions with temperatures sometimes reaching up to and above 120º.  They coped with equipment breakdowns and supply issues, but still reached their goal.  WFSS has now drilled 217 wells since 2005.  Our wells are now serving over 500,000 peope in South Sudan.

We also launched the new WFSS Hygiene Team, which traveled with the drilling team and worked with 23 villages.  The two-person team (one man and one woman) worked with villagers to identify hygiene problems and come up with individual hygiene solutions.  Healthy hygiene practices help to extend the impact of clean water, preventing the spread of germs and disease.  

Our hygiene team works with community leaders to assess their hygiene needs. Four men and four women in each village are trained by our team in best hygiene practices. These eight villagers in turn train others in the community.  In effect, WFSS has developed a “train the trainer” program whereby each person in the village who learns best hygiene practices then teaches others until the message is spread throughout the village. 

For more information on the importance of hygiene, you can read more from the World Health Organization here