Time Sensitive Help Request for NYS Residents

WFS Seeks Your Help Securing Federal Funds

NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand submitted a proposal for federal funds for Water for Sudan to assist us in our mission to bring clean water to the people of Southern Sudan. Salva Dut and WFS Board members will be traveling to Washington D.C. for various meetings Sept. 2nd to 8th. We would greatly appreciate your help in seeking funds. We are asking our supporters to let your Senators and Representatives know of your support for WFS, urge them to meet with Salva Dut, and to support funding for WFS. Please spread the word — ask your family and friends for their help. Please post and blog this request as well.

Calling your NY Senators

Please call Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and thank her for submitting a proposal for federal funds for WFS. Ask for her continued support for this funding. In addition, ask her to meet with Salva Dut and the WFS delegation on Sept. 8.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand — use e-mail form at www.gillibrand.senate.gov, or:
Washington phone: 202 224-6542; fax: 202 228-3027
Rochester phone: 585 263-2825; fax: 585 263-2647

Please call Senator Charles Schumer and ask him to meet with Salva Dut and the WFS delegation on Sept. 8. In addition, ask him to support federal funds for Water for Sudan.

Senator Charles E. Schumer — use e-mail form at www.schumer.senate.gov, or:
Washington phone: 202 224-6542; fax: 202 228-3027
Rochester phone: 585 263-5866; fax: 585 263-3173

Calling your US Representative

Please call your Representative and ask him or her to support federal funding for WFS. Your representative in the House depends on the district where you vote. If you are not sure, you can find out what your district is by going to www.house.gov.

Residents in the greater Rochester area of Western New York are spread across four districts: the 25th, 26th, 28th and 29th. In contacting your representatives, always let them know you reside in their district.

25th: Rep. Dan Maffei
— use e-mail form at www.maffei.house.gov, or:
Washington phone: 202 225-3701; fax: 202 225-4042
Rochester/Irondequoit phone: 585 336-7291; fax: 585 336-7274

26th: Rep. Christopher Lee — use e-mail form at www.chrislee.house.gov, or:
Washington phone: 202 225-5265; fax: 202 225-5910
Greece phone: 585 663-5570; fax: 585 773-5711

28th: Rep. Louise McIntosh Slaughter — use e-mail form at www.louise.house.gov, or:
Washington phone: 202 225-3615; fax: 202 225-7822
Rochester phone: 585 232-4850; fax: 585 232-1954

29th: Vacant — As of mid-August, at least three candidates are running for this office in the 2010 November election. While they have no vote in Congress at this point, they can be informed of your views concerning Water for Sudan to help them as they prepare their campaign platforms.
Tom Reed: www.tomreedforcongress.com — ph: 607-654-7779
Janice Volk: www.janiceforcongress.com
Matt Zeller: www.zellerforcongress.com — ph: 585 869-5171

THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP! If you have questions, please call Lynn at the WFS office: 585-383-0410.