WFSS Donor Spotlight Shines on Alternative Gifts International

AGI logo.jpg

WFSS is pleased to put the donor spotlight on Wichita, Kansas based Alternative Gifts International (AGI). WFSS and AGI have had a successful partnership for seven years and counting. Since 2005, AGI has contributed $301,994 to WFSS, bringing safe water to thousands of people.

Alternative Gifts International produces the “Gifts Inspiring Change” catalog of unique gifts. They are gifts of peace and justice, gifts that are sustainable and that build security. These alternative gifts multiply and grow, sometimes exponentially, and offer hope and new life to people facing grave crises and need. They challenge the trivia of our modern culture. These are authentic gifts that people really use and cherish. They always fit and are never thrown away. Among these gifts are supplies to install a water well and pumps for WFSS.

AGI Executive Director Surinder Moore shared her reflections on the ongoing collaboration between AGI and WFSS: "Our annual catalog features the “Fresh Water Wells” project on their behalf.  Our donors and gift market hosts have responded to the need to provide clean water:  In the last 5 years alone we have raised over $181,000 for this program. This is through a collective giving from individual donations and gifts purchased at Alternative Gift Markets held at churches and schools across the nation.  

"I think what resonates with donors is that fact that lack of access to clean water is still a problem in 21st century.  In telling Salva Dut’s story to audiences, I think people are also inspired by the fact that change happens with one person decides to do something about an issue. We are proud to partner with WFSS and look forward to offering their program as a way for people to gift alternatively in the coming years."

WFSS cherishes its partnership with AGI and we are grateful to those who support WFSS through the “Gifts Inspiring Change” catalog.