South Sudan faces enormous challenges amid some signs of hope

Hilde Johnson, Special Representative and Head of the UN Mission in South Sudan, briefs the Security Council. The UN's Special Representatiave to South Sudan, Hilde F.  Johnson, recently reported on the state of progress for the world's newest nation.  She told the Security Council that South Sudan is “travelling a bumpy road” despite some positive signs.

“South Sudan is at a crossroads,” Johnson told the Security Council in an open briefing. “As an international community, we cannot afford to see the newest country in the world fail.  “UNMISS (the UN Mission in South Sudan) – and all of us – only have one option, and that is to try to help South Sudan take the right course, consolidating peace and building the foundation of democracy and respect for fundamental human rights.”

Development in South Sudan is more crucial than ever if the new nation is to succeed.

Johnson noted that progress has been made in some key areas, opening up new opportunities to strengthen state-building and accountability. “While significant challenges continue to confront the world's newest country and impede progress in several fronts,” she said, “recent developments do give reason for cautious optimism.”  Read more here.