South Sudan and US Make Moves to Improve Infrastructure, Economy


July 9th will mark the end of this transition and the official "birthday" of the world's 192nd state, South Sudan. The Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS) is acting to improve the soon-to-be new state's infrastructure and economy during the transition period begun with the January plebiscite vote. One example of this work is the recent workshop convened in Juba by the GOSS Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning. Over 400 delegates are meeting to to address the workshop's objectives which focus on good governance, public service efficiency, and enhancing South Sudan's quality of life. (Click here to read more).

Meanwhile, the international community continues its engagement with the transition and the emerging new country. The US Agency for International Development (USAID) has announced plans for an International Engagement Conference to help address private sector investment in Sudan, both North and South. The US, along with the Netherlands, the UK and Norway are spearheading the effort, with an emphasis on agricultural development as a key factor in improving life in the region. (To learn more, click here.)