Preparing for drilling, watching

Water for South Sudan (WFSS) continues preparations for the 2011-12 drilling season.  Drilling work is set to begin in a few weeks, as the rainy season ends.  WFSS President and Founder Salva Dut has been in South Sudan since August, overseeing construction of the new storage compound in Wau.  Board chair Christopher Moore joined Salva in South Sudan recently to assist in setting up the new WFSS office in Wau, and to hire a new administrative support person.

WFSS continues to watch what’s happening in Sudan and South Sudan.  Our plans for the 2011-12 drilling season continue as they have since 2005—drilling mainly in remote villages of Western Bar el Ghazal State. We continue to monitor news of conflict between Sudan and South Sudan.  WFSS crews are far from conflicted areas, including the border area of Abyei. 

WFSS strongly supports international pressure on Sudan president Omar al Bashir’s regime to recognize all the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement’s components.  Furthermore, we support efforts to bring Sudan and South Sudan together to complete negotiations on all outstanding treaty issues.

We are also watching as positive news continues to emerge from South Sudan such as news of new roads being constructed, and Agricultural Fairs, encouraging local farmers.

Here in the United States, Water for South Sudan will be represented at a December USAID sponsored forum in Washington D.C. on South Sudan which will feature a talk by that nation’s President Salva Kiir.