"Peace Must Come Soon,” from Enough Project's John Prendergast

Since unrest first broke out in South Sudan on December 15, 2013, the international community has pressed the two sides in the conflict to negotiate a settlement.  A cessation of hostilities agreement was signed on January 23, but unrest has continued.  Representatives from the two rival groups returned to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, for renewed peace talks on Feburary 20.

The Enough Project, a US-based organization which fights to end genocide and crimes against humanity, has released a new field dispatch which reflects on the causes and impacts of the conflict between the government and opposition forces and outlines core issues to be discussed in the ongoing negotiations.

“Peace Must Come Soon,” written by Enough Project Co-Founder John Prendergast, advocates for a broader, more inclusive peace process that addresses governance, accountability and reconciliation, security sector reform, and regional interests.   Read the full report here.