On the Ground Update on Referendum and Drilling from Salva

Hello All,
The voting for the referendum was finished yesterday and it went very well here in Wau town where we are. We were watching everything carefully thinking that we may move back to the border of Uganda and Sudan, but nothing happened so far and we are going to resume our drilling here around Wau while we are still watching for any outcome violence.  We drilled 6 wells before and we will start drilling again on Tuesday.
We are very happy here because the  referendum is going well so far and hopefully things will remain like that to the end of it.  The renegade surrendered yesterday to Southern Sudan government in Jonguli state. The other renegade that was been supported by the northern government in Unity State went to North and we are very happy here in Southern Sudan. We are wishing for the birth of the New Country soon.
We have a lot of returnees here in Wau town and we are going to drill for some of them. Minister of SSRRC asked us to help them out, they are so many and we can't drill for all of them. I told him that we can do what we can where we are, but not going behind our capacity and he agreed with that.
We will start drilling on Tuesday for 250 street kids that are been put in the new training camp.
Blessings, and keep praying,
Salva Dut