North-South tensions persist, violence in Abyei

The town of Abyei was the scene of fighting between North and South Sudan forces this past week. That area on the border between North and South Sudan is source of dispute and tension. (Read more here. and here) Under a separate part of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, Abeyei is supposed to have its own vote to determine if it will become part of the North or South. That vote has not yet been taken due to ongoing disputes about issues such as voter eligibility. (NOTE: This region is hundreds of miles north of Water for Sudan's drilling area. Salva and the WFS crews have not been in any danger as they've drilled wells.)

The international community, including the UN, the US and European countries, are pressuring both sides to stop the violence and continue the agreed on peaceful transition to South Sudan independent statehood's official start on July 9th. (photo from The Enough Project)