Amazing Kids Feature

Our donors contribute in ways large and small to enable our work. We are pleased to shine a spotlight on three Amazing Kids for their efforts to support
Water for South Sudan. We thank their families and communities for helping to impact lives in South Sudan.


Jorie W., age 14 from Connecticut

At age seven, Jorie was introduced to A Long Walk to Water by her school librarian, Judy Gafney. After reading the book with her mom and meeting author Linda Sue Park, Jorie knew that she wanted to do something to help the people in South Sudan.

For the past seven years Jorie—whose birthday party always falls on Super Bowl Sunday—has held a fundraiser to celebrate her special day. Instead of presents, she asks friends and family to donate to Water for South Sudan. According to the budding philanthropist, “It doesn’t matter if you’re not going to get gifts. It will make you feel good and be the best gift you can get. Holding the fundraiser makes me feel great inside.”

An outdoorsy fourteen-year-old, Jorie loves going camping with her mom and has been skiing since she was three. She also loves acting, basketball, and softball. Eventually, Jorie wants to become a lawyer and practice family law with a focus on child custody.

We thank Jorie for supporting WFSS for half of her life! We also thank her family and community for helping to impact lives in South Sudan. Way to go, Jorie!


Selah H., age 10 from Alberta, Canada

For each of the past three years, Selah has selected a charity to support. A homeschooled student, Selah listened to the A Long Walk to Water audiobook with her siblings and decided that Water for South Sudan would be her charity of choice for 2018.

As she did for her previous fundraisers, Selah planned to hold a bake sale. Her mom, Sara, recorded a video of Selah describing the book and Salva’s story and shared it on Facebook and Instagram. They invited family, friends, neighbors, and fellow church members to attend her bake sale. As for the reason she fundraises, Selah said, “I’m raising money because I want to help, and some people don’t have as much as I do.”

Selah went all out for her WFSS fundraiser, baking cookies and holding an open house during the holiday season. Over 30 people came to purchase her cookies and she ultimately raised over $1,200 to help the people of South Sudan. To other kids interested in fundraising, Selah has this advice: “Think of a place you really want to help, think of something you’re good at, and gather some friends to help you.”

When she’s not baking, Selah loves to read, crochet, and make crafts. Her dream is to work at NASA in Mission Control.

Many thanks to Selah and her family, friends, and community for making a difference in the lives of people in South Sudan!


Trevor S., age 12 from Maryland

After reading A Long Walk to Water, students in Trevor’s class learned about Water for South Sudan and started collecting money for their Water Walk. Nominated as an Amazing Kid by his teacher Mrs. Hammond, Trevor went above and beyond as a fundraiser due to his “enthusiasm, dedication, and knowledge of the plight of the South Sudanese.” He went online to learn about the Dinka culture, learned about WFSS, and started collecting money for the walk. Their goal was to raise enough funds to build a new well in South Sudan.

Trevor and his fellow classmates set up a walking track behind the school and painted pictures of wells and the Dinka people on water jugs, which students carried during the 1.5-hour walk. Trevor also reached out to the local American Legion for a donation and explained the purpose of WFSS. Impressed by Trevor’s dedication and knowledge of the water crisis in South Sudan, they made a $500 donation. Trevor also asked for donations from friends and family and saved his own money to donate. “I felt it was really important. We have so much in the U.S., and a lot to give away,” Trevor said. “It was such an accomplishment, and something to be proud of.”

Mrs. Hammond shared that Trevor “helped make adults in his community aware of a problem in the world and asked them to help create a permanent solution by contributing toward a well.” Trevor and the seventh- and eighth-grade students at his school raised enough money at the Water Walk to build a new well in South Sudan.

A well-rounded student, Trevor loves to skateboard, play soccer, and practice archery. He hopes to be a professional soccer player or an artist when he grows up. Huge thanks to Trevor, his family, and his community for watering the seeds of change in South Sudan!

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