WFSS Teams Carry on in Mission to Bring Access to Fresh Water

The WFSS Drilling Team, Rehab Team, and their two accompanying Hygiene Education Teams, are continuing their work for the 2017 season, bringing access to clean water in South Sudan. All WFSS teams are safe and able to do their work, and report that people are going about their daily business in the areas around our Operations Center in Wau.

As of April 24, WFSS has now drilled 18 new wells, for a new total of 300 wells drilled since 2005! Our pilot Rehab Team has repaired 26 of our oldest wells and replaced cracked and broken concrete platforms with a new and improved composition and design, leading to even greater sustainability.

Our Hygiene Education program has also continued, with two dedicated team now traveling with our drilling and rehab teams.

We are in frequent contact with our South Sudan team members, who in turn stay apprised of all developments in South Sudan through contact with government and security officials, and NGO and other non-profit organizations.

Water for South Sudan continues to advocate for peace and development through our work. Our United Peace and Development Project (UPDP) with Aqua-Africa continues, with plans for two additional wells to be drilled this season, to add to the 12 wells drilled previously.