More Fresh Water Flowing in South Sudan as 2017 Season Continues

the third well of the season was sponsored by lewis m. myers elementary school in bellwood, pa.

the third well of the season was sponsored by lewis m. myers elementary school in bellwood, pa.

The 2017 drilling season continues as WFSS helps bring access to fresh water and hygiene education in South Sudan.

The drilling team, led by Ajang "AJ" Agok, has now drilled eight wells. This year they are focusing on providing water for schools, with plans to drill up to 40 new wells.

Our rehab team, led by Ater "Lion" Thiep, has already repaired ten of our oldest wells. This pilot project was driven by our 2015 evaluation of wells which showed that older cement platforms were in need of repair. We have strengthened our cement mixing process and improved the design of the platform, and the channel that leads from the well head to the drinking pool for animals. They plan to repair up to 20 of our older wells, and then may be able to join the drilling team to help them reach their targeted number of wells.

Traveling alongside each of these teams is a hygiene education team which helps villagers improve hygiene practices. The WFSS teams train eight trainers (four men and four women) in each village who then can train others. The educators teach about how germs spread, how to keep water containers clean, and also help to identify hygiene behaviors in need of improvement, all of which help to expand the impact of clean water.

The 2017 got off to a later start than usual, but crews are working hard to make our goals for the season. The WFSS teams continue to monitor the situation in South Sudan, and are in constant contact with our board and staff in Rochester, New York. The team has assured us of their safety, and report that they are able to conduct operations without impediment.

WFSS team members in South Sudan are in contact with local NGOs in Wau, home of our operations center, and continue to explore ways in which we can work with other NGOs in the area. We will continue discussions and possibilities to be of help in refugee camps for IDPs (internally displaced persons) in the area.

The entire WFSS organization is committed to the future of South Sudan, and supports all efforts to resolve conflict and bring peace to this young country.

Photos from start of 2017 season