WFSS Ready for 2017 Season

The WFSS Senior Management Team is on their way back from their annual purchasing trip in Kampala, Uganda. The team purchased needed drilling supplies and met with Senior Advisor Salva Dut to finalize plans for drilling, well rehabilitation and hygiene education.

The WFSS team is in regular contact with government officials and security contacts to assess the safety and security of areas in which we work and travel. WFSS plans to drill up to 40 new wells, rehabilitate up to 20 older wells, provide hygiene education in every village in which we drill, and continue to research a pilot school sanitation project.

WFSS continues to advocate for the people we serve, and urges a peaceful resolution to conflict in the country.

Our work is enabled by supporters in all 50 states and 33 other countries, including individuals, schools, faith-based organizations and civic groups.