WFSS Team Drills 250th Well

MCC well 2015

Water for South Sudan is pleased to announce that our drilling team has recently completed our 250th well. 

WFSS has been bringing access to fresh water in South Sudan since 2005. We have come a long way since our inaugural season in 2005, when seven wells were drilled, including the very first well, drilled in Founder Salva Dut's village. Salva was inspired by his father, who was gravely ill from waterborne disease, to provide clean water in his homeland.


Each well that is drilled transforms the lives of the villagers for whom it is drilled. A nearby source of potable water means women and girls do not have to walk miles for water that is often dirty or contaminated. Fresh water means all villagers are healthier, particularly children. Diarrhea caused by poor sanitation, lack of hygiene, and unsafe drinking water, is the second leading cause of child death globally, and the leading cause of child death in sub-Saharan Africa.

WFSS, led by Salva Dut, a former "Lost Boy" of Sudan, continues to provide access to clean water, and hygiene education in remote villages in South Sudan. Salva is joined by Director of Field Operations Ater "Lion" Thiep, and Assistant Field Operations Supervisor Ajang "AJ" Agok, and supported by a drilling team and operations center staff in South Sudan. Working in the newest nation in the world presents constant challenges, but WFSS, through the tireless efforts of its South Sudan drilling team,  has been able to drill wells for the last 10 years.

“I am so thankful to all the people who have supported me to be able to help the people of South Sudan,” says Dut. “I started this as a small project to help my father’s village, and now we are helping hundreds of thousands of people with over 250 wells drilled. I am sure there are children who would have died if they did not have the clean water that WFSS has provided since 2005.”

 The need for clean water in South Sudan remains great. As the 2014-15 comes to a close, with the start of the rainy season in South Sudan, plans are already underway for the next season's drilling, set to begin in December. WFSS is supported by donors in all 50 US states and 24 other countries.