2013-14 Drilling Season Successfully Completed!


Water for South Sudan has finished another successful drilling season in May, completing 40 new wells for a new grand total of 217 wells drilled since 2005.

WFSS has been closely monitoring the political and military situation in South Sudan since violence broke out on December 15, 2013 .  We are hopeful that peace negotiations will help to bring an end to the turmoil.  We are also in close contact with members of our drilling team who tell us that they feel completely safe in Wau and the surrounding drilling areas.  Wau is in Western Bar el Ghazal, and away from the unrest in other areas of the country. 

WFSS Founder and Director of East African Operations, Salva Dut, tells us that he and his fellow "Lost Boys" who have gone back to South Sudan have been through war and don't want to go back. They want their new country to be at peace and be able to grow and they need the international community to help. "We need the good guidance of the world to prosper and develop," says Salva.

Drilling manager Ater "Lion" Thiep reports that they have had no problems in Wau, home to WFSS compound.  He said they have not experienced any problems and that the situation is normal and very secure in the area around Wau.  Compound Manager John Mourwel confirms this, saying it is "business as usual" in Wau.

WFSS will continue its mission of delivering direct, transformative and sustainable quality-of-life service to more people of South Sudan by efficiently providing access to clean, safe water in areas of great need.

On January 23, 2014, a cease fire was signed between the government of South Sudan and rebels loyal to the country’s ousted former vice president.  Read more about conflict here.  Peace talks progressed through April, but were delayed again.  There is continued international pressure for both sides to participate in peace talks.  Read more about status of peace talks here.