WFSS Drilling Update

International Foundation well

The 2014-15 season has gotten off to a great start in South Sudan. As of February 3, the WFSS drilling team has completed 12 wells, on the way to a goal of 40 new wells.  Each new well will brings access to fresh clean water for up to 3,000 people. A nearby source of potable water can transform the lives of all who have access to it.

Drilling was able to start in December thanks to the tireless efforts of our team in South Sudan, with tremendous support from our operations team back in Rochester, NY. Routine maintenance and repairs were made to drilling equipment. The team was able to buy drilling supplies in Kampala, Uganda. Additional parts were sourced and shipped to South Sudan.



One of the wells drilled was in Aker Adoor, sponsored by Monroe Community College and Avon Middle School from Rochester, NY. Achan, a South Sudanese woman shared her thoughts on the new well with us.

“I came to the well today because I need the water to soften the reeds for my basket. I will sell it with another one tomorrow at the market. I get 25 South Sudanese pounds ($5.00 US dollars) per each basket.

“I used to walk two hours to a well in another village for my drinking water. I had to go three or four times a day with my daughter and I could not spend any time making baskets. My husband died seven years ago and so I must do all the work to take care of my children and my compound. 

"Now that there is water close by, I can spend half my days making baskets and my daughter can go to school to become educated. Later today we will come back to the well to wash our clothes and collect water for dinner.”

Clean water changes everything in South Sudan.