WFSS Urges Passage of Water for the World Act

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Water for South Sudan fully supports the Water for the World Act of 2013 and urges passage of the bill before the end of this session of Congress. The bill has already been passed by the House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs, and will head to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Thursday, Dec. 4.

"Water for the World will significantly improve access to clean water and sanitation, and help to improve life for millions of people around the world, without spending additional funds," says Water for South Sudan President Dr. Glenn M. Balch, Jr.

Nearly 800 million people lack access to clean water. 2.5 billion people worldwide live without access to proper sanitation. Every day, women and girls spend a combined 200 million hours collecting water, keeping them from school, work and family. Water for the World elevates water, sanitation and hygiene programs and leverages the impact of other development assistance, ensuring that they are targeted to help the world's poorest people, and are more effective, with long-term, sustainable impacts. Water for the World does not propose new or costly programs. It proposed to use current funds more effectively. 

Read more about the Water for the World Act here.

Please contact your legislators here and urge them to support this important legislation!