Well Naming and Sponsorship Opportunities

  well sponsored by Rupert Nock Middle school in 2017.

well sponsored by Rupert Nock Middle school in 2017.

Support our work by sponsoring a well, hygiene, or rehab project.

WFSS offers groups and individuals the opportunity to sponsor different projects.

Hygiene Education - $500 per village
The WFSS has two Hygiene Teams, one to travel with the Drilling Team, and another that travels with the Rehab Team. The Hygiene Teams help villagers identify hygiene problems, and together they work on creating solutions that work for that village. WFSS trains eight people in each village-- four men and four women. The training they receive allows them to then train others. The cost to provide education in one village is $500. Hygiene sponsors will be acknowledged on the WFSS website by name after the drilling season is over.

Well Rehabilitation - $3,000 per well
WFSS has started a Well Rehabilitation Team to address issues found in our 2015 Well Evaluation Survey. Our survey team found that the cement platforms in some older wells have eroded over time and are in need of repair. In 2017, we successfully repaired 31 old wells, restoring them completely. This process requires a separate crew, travel and supplies, including large amounts of cement. Since we do not need to drill a new borehole, however, the cost of rehabilitation is lower than drilling a new well. Sponsors will receive a photo of the rehabbed well before and after, as well as a photo of villagers holding a banner with the sponsor's name printed on it.

Partial sponsorship of a new well - $5,000 per well 
This sponsorship level is particularly suited for groups or organizations. At the $5,000 level, sponsors will have co-sponsorship rights, meaning their name will be placed in the cement platform of the well with two other names. WFSS will also print a banner with the sponsor's name on it, and send photos to the sponsor of their banner, held up by villagers, next to the well.

Full sponsorship of a new well - $15,000 per well 
At the $15,000 level, sponsors will have sole sponsorship rights, meaning only their name will be placed in the cement platform of the well. WFSS will also print a banner with the sponsor's name on it, and send photos to the sponsor of their banner, held up by villagers, next to the well.

Combining Sponsorship Levels
WFSS encourages combining sponsorship levels if you or your organization wishes to do so. For instance: $8,000 could represent a co-sponsorship of a new well ($5,000 level) and a sponsorship of a rehab project ($3,000 level). Another example would be to fund multiple Hygiene programs--there is no limit to how many a group or individual can sponsor. Please let us know if you're interested in sponsoring multiple projects with your donation.

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How do we get naming rights for a well?   
Donors who reach the $15,000 level of donation can choose to have their name on a well.  We also offer naming rights beginning at the $5,000 level of donation.  At this level, donors sometimes share naming of the well and there could be up to three group names on a well.

 Do we have to raise a certain amount of money in a single year in order to reach well naming levels of sponsorship? 
No. Many individuals and organizations work toward well sponsorship over a number of years.  However, it is helpful to let our office know if that is your goal so we can start an appeal for your group and credit any donations from the group to your effort.  Please write us at info@waterforsouthsudan.org if you would like to let us know. 

How soon does our well get drilled?    
Upon reaching the $5,000 or $15,000 donation level, and confirming with our office, your name will be added to our well sponsorship list for a well to be drilled. Depending on the length of the list, well sponsors will usually see their well named within the next two drilling seasons. Our drilling season extends from December through May. 

How will we know when our well is drilled? 
Our drilling team in South Sudan sends us notification as wells are completed.  We then send well sponsors a letter with information including: GPS coordinates of the well; village, county and state location; and the name of the village chief.  We also include photos of the well and the banner acknowledging the well sponsor. We will send information during the drilling season if possible, or by the end of the season in June.

Does our group need to hold donations until all the money is collected? 
No.  You may send donations at your convenience.  Our office will keep track of donations if your group is working towards well sponsorship.

Where do we send donations?
You can send donations, payable to Water for South Sudan, Inc., PO Box 25551, Rochester, NY 14625 or you can make donations by credit card on the WFSS donate page.

For more information, please contact our office at info@waterforsouthsudan.org or call 585-383-0410.