Organize a Fundraiser

Ordinary people can do extraordinary things. All it takes is a little time, imagination and a commitment to have fun doing good. 

Choose among the Fundraising Kits and Materials for helpful tools you can use to get started. Donate here, or consider visiting our page on Alternative Gifts International.

Fundraising Ideas

Students and Teachers...

..are some of the best fundraisers we know. Get your class involved on a global scale by fundraising for WFSS! Check out our Educator Resource Page and the Iron Giraffe Challenge for inspiration.

Bring in the whole community.

Faith communities have been a major source of support for WFSS. Celebrations like Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, faith-led programming, and book/bible studies can be the perfect place to talk about WFSS and our mission to provide clean water to the people of South Sudan. 

Give alternatively.

A donation to WFSS in someone's name is a beautiful gift to give--the gift that literally gives to thousands of people every day in South Sudan. Designate a friend of family member when you make a donation, or consider giving to WFSS on Alternative Gifts International, or add WFSS to your holiday wishlist.

A beautiful new tradition

is to designate a charity on your wedding registry among or in lieu of other gifts. Couples have also started to give to a charity in the name of their guests as part of their wedding favors. WFSS would be honored to be included in your special day!

A truly selfless act.

We've seen many individuals ask friends and family to give to WFSS for their birthdays, and it inspires us every time. Create your own fundraiser to direct donations to for your next birthday.

Support education while you celebrate your own!

Access to clean water can allow more people, especially women and girls, to pursue education. As you celebrate your graduation, consider asking people to donate in your name to WFSS!