WFSS Founder Salva Dut issued the "Iron Giraffe Challenge" to students In October, 2014. He challenged 50 schools to each raise $1,000 for a new drilling rig by May 1, 2015.  The "Iron Giraffe" is what the children call the drilling rig in A Long Walk to Water by award-winning author Linda Sue Park.


As of April 28, 91 schools have taken the pledge. Students from 37 US states and 4 other countries have all been raising funds. Students, teachers and parents have enthusiastically joined the campaign, raising funds in varied and creative ways, from walk-a-thons, and carrying water, to selling hot chocolate and buying stickers that enable students to come to school wearing pajamas or hats.

Schools are vying for a chance to win a visit from Salva Dut. The Iron Giraffe Challenge drawing, with first prize being a visit from Salva, will take place on Wednesday, May 6 at 12 NOON, EST.

Second and third place winning schools will each be able to Skype with Salva. There will be two second place winners, who will receive a joint 15 minute Skype call, and three third place schools, who will participate in a joint 10 minute call, when Salva visits the US in June. Winning schools will be announced via WFSS website, Facebook and Twitter.

WFSS is already making plans for next year's Iron Giraffe Challenge.

Thank you to all participating schools!