Schools Take The Iron Giraffe Challenge to Help WFSS

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Children around the world are helping the children of South Sudan by participating in the Iron Giraffe Challenge. As of February 3, 26 schools have taken the pledge to raise funds to help buy a new "Iron Giraffe."

The difficulty of drilling wells in the remote villages of South Sudan is that in many places there are no roads – sometimes even dirt roads do not exist. Driving in this terrain, along with the extreme heat, sand and dust of South Sudan, puts a tremendous strain on our vehicles, causing frequent breakdowns.  Our drilling rig—the “Iron Giraffe” as villagers call it in A Long Walk to Water, by Linda Sue Park— is about seven years old. In order to continue our work, it is critical we replace the rig. The new rig will cost about $500,000. 

As a group, schools are a major source of support for WFSS. Salva is asking schools to help us in this effort by each helping raise a minimum of $1,000 this year. As demonstrated in A Long Walk to Water, even the poorest children in America and other developed nations have incredible wealth compared to South Sudanese children.

The Iron Giraffe Challenge is a two-year campaign. Our 2015 goal is $50,000, and deadline for submitting fundraising for this school year is May 1. All participating schools will be recognized. All schools that raise at least $1,000 will be entered in a drawing to win a school visit from Salva Dut. More information on the Iron Giraffe Challenge can be found here.