Collaborating for Peace and Development in South Sudan


UPDP well #3 was drilled in Pajiing village in Warrap State.Water for South Sudan and Aqua-Africa partnered during the 2013-14 drilling season to drill four wells as part of the United Peace and Development Project (UPDP)

The leaders of Water for South Sudan and Aqua-Africa are united in their drive to help their fellow citizens. Salva Dut, a former “Lost Boy” of Sudan and founder of WFSS, and Buey Ray Tut, born in what was then Southern Sudan and founder of Aqua-Africa, both became US citizens and founders of US nonprofits working in South Sudan.  They are also from different tribes, which have a history of conflict.

“We are dedicated to our nation,” says Buey, who is from the Nuer tribe. “We are trying to make our country a better place.” Salva, from the Dinka tribe, agrees. “We need peace in our country,” says Salva.  “We want to show people how we can all work together.”

Salva and Buey, and their organizations, came together to drill wells, and show, by their collaboration, how to work together to make a difference and build a nation. UPDPwas inaugurated in February and March with the drilling of four wells.  Plans are underway for the project to continue in December, at the start of WFSS' 2014-15 drilling season.  WFSS drills the wells which are funded jointly by both organizations.