South Sudan Celebrates Second Anniversary of Independence

South Sudanese prepare for independence day in 2011.As South Sudan celebrated its second anniversary of independence on July 9, observers noted the need for continued international support for the world’s newest country.

The top United Nations envoy to South Sudan recently commended the new nation on the progress it has made in its first two years, but also noted there are many challenges facing the young nation including tackling insecurity, addressing human rights violations and strengthening public institutions. 

The UN head of Department of Peacekeeping Operation Hervé Ladsous visited South Sudan and pledged UN support in helping the new country develop into a modern state.  "We are very supportive to make the country a modern state with functioning institutions with full respect for human rights. This is the fundamental objective of the United Nations," said Ladsous, who was accompanied by other top officials of the peace keeping operation.

Ladsous said the challenges facing the country could not all be solved at once, but UNMISS (United Nations Mission in South Sudan) is working to support it in becoming a modern state with working institutions and full respect for human rights.

“A lot has already been achieved in two years,” he said. “We are working solidly with the Government… to continue making progress in providing the citizens with all that they expect from the state.”