WFSS Drills 168th Well

31 Wells Already Drilled in 2013 Season

WFSS crews put finishing touches on the cement around a well in Gogrial East County.The Water for South Sudan crews have been hard at work, once again drilling successfully in some of the most difficult environments imaginable.  To date, crews have drilled 31 wells this year, for a new total of 168 wells drilled since 2005.  Drilling in the remote areas of South Sudan is only possible for WFSS crews in the dry season, approximately December through May.  Once the rainy season begins, "roads" turn to mud, making it impossible for the large WFSS trucks and drilling rig to travel.  

This year all wells have  been drilled in Warrap State, in northwestern South Sudan.  WFSS estimates that at least 46,500 more people now have access to fresh, clean water with these new wells.  With each well, a new future can emerge for a village and its people.  Girls and women no longer have to walk miles for water.  Markets spring up.  Schools and clinics can be established.

Donors from across the United States, from 49 states (every state except South Dakota, at this writing), and around the world, make this life-changing work possible.