New Faces of WFSS in South Sudan

John Mourwel, Benson Deng & COO Don Fairman at WFSS compound.Water for South Sudan has hired two new employees to help manage our drilling operations in South Sudan.

John Mourwel and Benson Deng join Salva Dut and Ater Thiep-- all former "Lost Boys" who became American citizens and have now returned to their homeland to help in its growth and development as a new nation.  

John is working as our compound manager in Wau, keeping track of all of our equipment, and handling communications both with the teams in the field, and with our office in Rochester, New York.

Benson will be training as a new team leader, working under the supervision of Field Manager Ater Thiep.  Salva Dut remains Executive Director for East Africa Operations overseeing all of our work in Africa, including interfacing with local government office and other NGOs operating in South Sudan.

The crews are currently preparing for the 2012-13 drilling season, procuring supplies, repairing vehicles and planning village assessments to see where they will drill in the coming months.  As always, they will face the extreme conditions of South Sudan.  The goal for this drilling season is 40 new wells.



WFSS in 2013 Alternative Gifts International Catalog

Water for South Sudan is grateful to be featured once again in the Alternative Gifts International Catalog (AGI).  AGI is a non-profit organization that inspires support for humaitarian and environmental causes.  AGI is running a one year campaign for WFSS.   Supporters can help provide fresh clean water to the people of South Sudan through AGI's new 2013 catalog.

Please support our "Fresh Water Wells" Project for South Sudan by clicking here.   You can learn more about Alternative Gifts International here.



Caster Family Foundation Awards Two Grants to WFSS

Water for South Sudan is pleased to announce the awarding of two grants, totaling $6000, from The Caster Family Foundation.  The Foundation, based in San Diego, is funded by A1 Self Storage.  

"We are very grateful for the continued support of The Caster Family Foundation," said Christopher Moore, WFSS board chair.  "Thanks to the foundation, and our many donors, we can continue in our mission of delivering fresh, clean drinking water to the people of South Sudan.  Once a village has a well, marketplaces spring up, schools are built and, very often, health clinics are established.  The foundation’s gifts make an enormous difference in the lives of the people of South Sudan."