2012 Drilling Season Underway — 8 Wells Completed

Another drilling season has begun.  As we go to press, eight wells have been drilled, bringing our grand total to 112.  Crews are already on their way to the next village. 

Much preparation precedes the actual drilling.  All equipment must be inspected and necessary repairs made.  Supplies for the entire season, with enough material to drill at least 30 wells, must be procured.   Many of our supplies are still bought in Uganda.  Salva and Ater must make arrangements to get materials to South Sudan — by truck or by air. Crossing the border into South Sudan and clearing customs can result in delays. Food and water for all WFSS crew members must be obtained.  Then drilling can begin.  Reports from South Sudan indicate that our crews are safe and able to travel and do their drilling work.

WFSS President and Founder Salva Dut reflects on the 2012 drilling season.  "We are glad to get back to drilling wells," says Salva.  "We are now Water for South Sudan, drilling for the first time in the new country of South Sudan. There is much hope among the people for their new country.  We are glad to be here helping people make a new start.  For many, that first step starts with fresh, clean water."

Plans are still on track to drill 30 wells this season. 


 WFSS Establishes New Compound and Office in Wau


Water for South Sudan crews are putting the finishing touches on the new compound and office buildings in Wau. One building will be used for storing equipment, including all drilling equipment during the rainy season, and the other will serve as an office for our African operations.  We have hired two administrators — one short term to set up the office and establish procedures, and another to run the office. Previously our president, Salva Dut, handled all administrative matters in Africa, in addition to his duties as drilling manager and president.  We are looking forward to improved communication from Africa and smoother functioning in general.


Are you ready to for a challenge?

Take the challenge!  Water for South Sudan, in partnership with the H2O Project, offers you another way to help bring fresh water to the people of South Sudan.  The H2O Project offers THE H2O CHALLENGE.   The idea is simple:
  1. Make WATER your only beverage for two weeks.
  2. SAVE the money you would usually spend on other beverages.
  3. After two weeks, DONATE the money you saved to Water for South Sudan, Inc.
Please help spread the word about the H2O Project.