Preparing for 2012-13 Drilling Season

After a busy rainy season, Water for South Sudan is set to begin drilling once again later this month.  In the off-season WFSS crew members were busy inspecting and repairing equipment, and planning for future drilling.

Salva, Ater and John were in Kampala last week, getting supplies for the 2012-13 drilling season.  Crew members must procure everything they need before drilling starts. Everything from pipe casings and pumps to food, water and gas must be purchased in Uganda and then brought into South Sudan. Crossing the border requires proper permits and certifications, then the crew will drive on to our new compound in Wau.

The goal for this season is to drill 40 new wells in Gogrial East County.   We estimate that each well serves 1,500 to 3,000 people.  

Wells bring water and water brings life.   Once a village has a well, new possibilites can emerge-- markets spring up, schools and clinics can be built. WFSS has now drilled 137 wells.  The Government of South Sudan estimates that our wells are bringing clean water to 400,000 people.

Thank you for helping us transform lives in South Sudan!


WFSS Earns Highest Level of Transparency on Guidestar


Water for South Sudan has always strived to be completely open and transparent to its donors and the public.  To that end, WFSS posts all financial information on its website and also has made all information available on Guidestar, a charity rating website. WFSS also has earned the right to display the GuideStar Exchange Seal on its nonprofit report pages. This seal indicates that WFSS has updated its nonprofit report to the fullest, thus becoming a GuideStar Exchange member.  Read the GuideStar report on WFSS here.

GuideStar is a leading source of collecting and disseminating nonprofit information, providing access to nearly 98 percent of its users for free.  GuideStar was founded in 1994 and was the first web site to make financial and programmatic data on nonprofits easily available to the public.  "Information is the fuel of smart decision making. And GuideStar plays a central role providing that fuel for the nonprofit community," said Jacob Harold, Guidestar President and CEO.

Bob Ottenhoff, former president and CEO of Guidestar, has noted, “GuideStar has spent more than a decade educating the public about the dangers of judging an organization solely on its financial balance sheet. Our focus has always been on helping donors get a complete picture of a charity.”