2011 Drilling Update, The H2O Challenge, More News

Drilling Update


Thanks to our donors, Salva, Ater, and crews have drilled 12 wells so far this season, bringing fresh, safe water to thousands more people. That brings our current total number of wells to 88.


Water for Sudan Joins H2O Project for The H2O Challenge


WFS is partnering with The H2O Project to give you another way to help us bring clean water to people in need. The H2O Project offers THE H2O CHALLENGE. It is a simple idea:

  1. Make WATER your only beverage for two weeks.
  2. SAVE the money you would usually spend on other beverages.
  3. After two weeks, DONATE the money you saved to Water for Sudan, Inc.

Please help spread the word on this exciting new project!  See complete information here.

Water for Sudan Receives $10,000 Grant from The International Foundation


We are pleased to announce that The International Foundation has authorized a grant of $10,000 to Water for Sudan to drill fresh water wells in Southern Sudan.

The International Foundation exists to help people of the developing world in their endeavors to solve some of their problems, to attain a better standard of living and to obtain a reasonable degree of self-sufficiency.

The International Foundation was established in 1948 to help people of the developing world in their endeavors to attain a higher standard of living. Learn more about The International Foundation.


U.K. Friends of WFS Can Donate Through Global Giving UK


After our very successful “December Challenge” on the Globalgiving website, we submitted a proposal to join the UK Global Giving site. We are pleased to announce that UK donors can donate here.  Donors will receive UK tax receipts and Water for Sudan can continue our mission of bringing safe, clean water to the people of Southern Sudan. Please share this with any family and friends in the UK!

Our current level of donations, on both US and UK Global Giving sites is $11,571 from 145 donations!

Water for Sudan Founding Board Member Passes


Scott Arrington and Salva Dut“Scott Arrington, a founding board member of Water for Sudan, Inc., passed away on February 3, 2011. While Salva had the dream of founding Water for Sudan, Scott made it happen,” says co-founding board member Jim Blake. After the initial business plan for Water for Sudan, Inc. was drawn up, it was Scott who then put the plan into action. He established the Articles of Incorporation, By-laws, bank accounts, and secured overseas registrations. He worked at sub-contracting with others that had a proven record in drilling water wells in Africa. “Scott gave us focus, Scott gave us leadership, and Scott gave us a determined spirit that inspired us to think large,” says another founding board member, John Bevier. “Scott was an incredible person whose giving heart was evident to all who knew him. We shall miss him greatly,” said Board Chair Christopher Moore.