Salva's Update

Report from Abilnyang, where Just Add Water was filmed in March 2008.


I got a chance to visit Abilnyang while I was collecting Team A workers from their villages.  I was amazed to see the improvement they had there.  They built four classes with thatched grass, storage for books, blackboards, veterinary hut for treating their animals, and the market is thriving.

The hand pump is working well and never broke down. It is working twenty four hours a day because southern Sudan didn't get much rain this year and many people moved closer to the well.  


The hand pump is working

24 hours a day.


The school has 62 students who are regularly attending. Two teachers are teaching the entire school.  The level is primary A and B in two different classes.

The thing that amazed me most in Abilnyang was the young man that was missing his arm.  I met him at the hand pump holding his book and he was reading.  And when I got out of the car he ran to me immediately with other people that were there when we were drilling.  I asked him what he is doing.

He knew his life would change.


 He said he is reading and attending this school.  He said that he knew from the day we were drilling a well that his life will change. He said he will hold a big office someday when he becomes educated, because he can't cultivate much or do other things because of his arm.

Abilnyang is one good example of Water for Sudan's seed planting.  And the entire capital city of Warrap State is firmly standing strongly and progressing well because of the ten wells we put there in the town that used to drink from the hand dug wells. I was happy to see many lives changing because of all our hard work, including children, churches, foundations, individuals, and friends that are working hard behind the scenes all these years.  


Thank you all very much and I wish you all the best and hope our health continues well to do more for those needy and innocent people.


Salva Dut