2010/11 Drilling Season Starts

Three Wells Already Completed!

While we are busy wrapping up the year here, Salva and his crews have been busy drilling near Wau in Southern Sudan.  Thanks to our donors and supporters, they have already completed three wells as of December 27th and are ready to start a fourth!  

Salva left for Africa at the end of September to begin preparations.  Team A Manager Ater Thiep left Texas for Sudan in early November.  It takes a lot to prepare for a new drilling season checking all of our equipment, buying all supplies needed and then transporting everything.  Crossing the border from Uganda into Sudan was a challenge this fall.   But all is in place now and Salva and crews are on their way to another successful drilling season.


WFS Awarded Permanent Placement on Global Giving Site

While our Annual Appeal continues, Water for Sudan, Inc. now has another vehicle to reach on-line donors globalgiving.org. Along with a number of other non-profits, we were chosen to be included in their "December challenge."  Our goal was to raise $4,000 from at least 50 donors to obtain permanent placement on their on-line giving website.  We raised a total of $9,082 from 77 donors!  We are excited at this opportunity for greater visibility, to reach donors who might not otherwise have heard of us. Thank you to all who helped us reach this goal!


Salva and WFS to be Featured in PBS "Need To Know" Program Friday January 7th

The national PBS show "Need to Know" will broadcast a documentary on Friday, January 7th that focuses on the upcoming referendum on January 9, 2011, in which the Southern Sudanese will vote on whether to secede and create their own country.  Salva and Water for Sudan will be a featured part of the documentary.  A PBS filmmaker is currently in Sudan with Salva, filming him and his crew.  "Need to Know" airs Friday nights on WXXI-TV in Rochester from 9-10 PM.  Please check your local PBS station listing to determine when it airs in your city.


This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Life

Water for Sudan brings fresh, clean water to villages that previously had none.  This is truly the gift of life.  A new well means girls and women no longer have to walk miles each day to gather water for their families.  Clean water means no more water-borne diseases.  Please help us continue to give the gift of life.  You can donate through our website here.