Water for Sudan: Kyoto Prize Candidate

Water for Sudan showcased at global water conference

March 2009

The 5th World Water Forum was held March 16th through 22nd in Istanbul, Turkey. The World Water Forum, held every three years, is organized by the World Water Council in close collaboration with the authorities of the hosting country. According to the Council, the Forum is the largest international event in the field of water. 

The Forum provides an opportunity for discussion and collaboration among water experts, governments and non-governmental organizations who focus on water-related issues affecting millions around the world.

This year, Water for Sudan, Inc., was selected to be a candidate for the Forum's prestigious Kyoto Prize. The Prize honors an individual or organization for, in the words of the award's subtitle, "Contributing to the Millennium Development Goals through grassroots initiatives." The award is recognition of the recipient's grassroots-level work toward addressing critical water needs of communities and regions.

John Turner, Water for Sudan's Chief Operating Officer and Board member, represented the organization at the Forum and presented the Water for Sudan story to the Forum's global audience. Such presentations by all candidates are part of the award process.

Although ultimately not selected for the Prize, "It was a great honor and opportunity for such a young, small organization like ours," says John. "To be part of such a global event, to get the chance to share the work we're doing in partnership with the Southern Sudanese people, can only help our mission."