Dear friends,

Salva Dut, Founder of Water for South Sudan

When I went back to South Sudan to visit my father he put water on my forehead, which is a simple sign of peace and life in South Sudan. I knew then that I had to bring clean water to my people.

Back in Rochester, I shared my dream of drilling a well for my father during walks and talks with my good friends. It was through these conversations that my vision began to take shape. There was so much I needed to learn and I had wonderful mentors who helped me.

I never doubted that I would drill a well in my father’s village. Ever since I fled my village when I was 11 I knew that if I had hope, faith, and perseverance, and just kept walking, I could accomplish anything. And I knew that I would find people to walk with me.

I am humbled and grateful that so many people have walked with me. Your impact truly creates ripples like a water drop when a well is drilled and lives are transformed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.