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John B. Turner Memorial Fund Inaugural Donors

March 20, 2014 – June 30, 2017

John and Carol Turner were always extraordinarily generous to WFSS and still stand out among WFSS’s all-time financial supporters. When the Watering the Seeds of Change Capital Campaign was launched, Carol made a significant lead gift to create The John B. Turner Memorial Fund, a fitting tribute to John’s legacy.

John was a devoted WFSS volunteer and instrumental in our work. John served as WFSS’s first Chief Operating Officer from 2004 until his death in 2011, dedicating himself to working with Salva to improve operations and grow the organization. John traveled with Salva to Africa to help deliver our second drilling rig, and represented WFSS in Istanbul, Turkey, at the World Water Forum where WFSS was recognized as a finalist in the 2009 Kyoto World Water Prize. John also raised funds for WFSS’s first truck-mounted drilling rig, building an important link between WFSS, Rotary Clubs, and Rotary International.

WFSS’s 2017 Long Walk Award was presented to John and Carol Turner’s children: Anne Turner, Charles Turner, Jennifer Turner Deuel, and Joshua Turner. The Turner children have all supported WFSS. Anne is currently a member of the Board of Directors and co-chaired the Watering the Seeds of Change Capital Campaign.

Water for South Sudan is pleased to recognize the inaugural donors who followed Carol’s lead to honor John by supporting work that was dear to his heart.

Vanessa Jackson, CA

Hal and Georgine Johnson, NY

Michael Johnson, NY

Bernice and Norman Knapp, NY

Harry Kozakewich and Cornelia Andrus, MA

Joseph and Sharon Leavens, NY

Revs. Lyle and Mary Ann Linder, NY

Lorna Lyster, MD

Norman Lyster, MD

James and Mary Morelli, MO

Bob Nesson and Kathe Gregory, MA

Norm Neureiter, VA

Stu and Carol Norris, NY

Penfield Rotary Club, NY

Bill and Rose Pethick, NY

Anne Pfaff, MA

Paul and Dian Quinn, MA

Richard Rasmussen, NY

Tom and Sarah Rossmassler, MA

Rotary Club Of Montgomery-Rocky Hill, NJ

Mary Ryan, NY

Bob and Boots Sayre, NY

Jim and Lucy Schremp, NY

Bill and Anne Schuler, NY

Myrna Schulte, NY

Shel and Zenta Shelton, MO

Glen Sherman and Hannah Protzman, MA

Andrew and Lisa Smith, PA

Art and Stephanie Smith, NY

Patsy Smith, NY

Robert and Elizabeth Smith, MA

Robert Sperber, MA

Patricia Sternberg, NY

Howie Sullivan, NY

Tom and Pat Sullivan, NY

Sven and Kerstin Thelemann, Germany

Ken and Shirley Thomson, MA

Anne Turner, Harry Bohrs, Katharine and Nathaniel Bohrs, MA

Carol Turner, NY

Josh and Cheryl Turner, NJ

Kent and Barbara Turner, NY

Brian and Katie Voss, NY

Steve Walt and Rebecca Stone, MA

Norma Weber, NY

Dave and Pat Weisensel, NY

Jack and Carol Wetzel, NY

Vern and Beth Wyland, NY

Roger and Nancy Zaenglein, NY

Daniel Abbasi and Deborah Smith, CT

Linda Aldrich, DE

Walter Aldrich, CA

Warren and Louise Aldrich, GA

JoAnn Alwardt, NY

Joy and Dennis Anderson, NY

Phil Aronson, NC

Heidi and Bill Ashley, CT

Ron & Joyce Baroody, NY

Neil and Linda Bartle, NY

Pat Beach, NY

Howard Beckman and Ellen Leopold, NY

Adam and Katharine Berger, MA

Brian Brennan and Mary Ann Luciano, NY

John and Jo Anne Brereton, NY

Charles and Kathryn Brown, MA

Michael Buckley, NY

Mary Cattan, CT

Barbara Challenger, NY

Joyce Clark, NY

Laura Colcord, MA

Kimber Craine and Brenda Laukaitis, VA

Dennis Doughtry and Carol Rosenstock, MA

Peg and Jim Dawson, NY

Zsolt DePapp, NY

Jeff and Jennifer Deuel, NY

Megan Deuel, NY

Laurie Dewey, MA

Jim and Donna Dunne, NY

Jennifer Dunning, MA

David and Mary El Emerson, NY

Edwina Faillia, NY

Esther Flanagan, NY

Don and Kathie Feuz, NY

Eleanor Fiumano, NY

Joe and Marian Gersitz, NY

Jeffrey Gerson, NY

Michael and Caroline Grimes, MA

John and Maureen Hall, NY

Gene and Robin Hamme, NC

Floyd Hanselman, NY

Mary Keane-Hazzard, MA

Brian and Grace Hill, OH

Rich and Denise Hughes, NY

Susan Hunter, CA

David Hurwitz, PA

Elizabeth Inglis, NY

Colin and Louisa Ives, CT

Barbara T. & George S. Ives, NC

**Every effort has been made to accurately display our donors, sponsors and partners. If, however, there is a mistake,
please email Water for South Sudan, Inc. at Thank you.