Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is a diverse group of people inspired by our founder’s life and personal example, and committed to fulfilling Water for South Sudan's mission.

Glenn M. Balch, Jr., President Emeritus, Water for South Sudan, Inc., Business Consultant, Rotary Past District Governor, California

Sue Coia, Operations/Engineer, Rochester, NY

Tim Cook , President, Cook Communications LLC, Rochester, N.Y.

Penny Crudup,  Community Volunteer, Rochester, NY

John De Seyn, Retired Engineer, Macedon, NY

Joseph Eckl, Treasurer, Water For South Sudan, Inc.; Senior Manager, Empire Valuation Consultants, Rochester, NY

Laura Hayden, Community Volunteer, Rochester, NY

Thomas McCarthy, Resource Development Manager, MODIS: IT Recruiting, Rochester, NY   

Christopher Moore, Financial Advisor, Rochester, NY

Jim Myers, Operations Management/ Finance, Rochester, NY 

Bob Shea, Vice President, Water for South Sudan, Inc.; Communications Consultant; Adjunct Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY

Angelique Stevens, Professor, Monroe Community College, Rochester, NY

Anne Turner, Non Profit Professional, Boston, MA


Emeritus Board Members

Scott Arrington*, Founding Board Member

John Bevier, Founding Board Member

James Blake, Founding Board Member

Nancy Curme, Founding Board Member

Nancy Frank, Founding Board Member 

John Turner*, WFSS Chief Operating Officer, 2007-2011

* Deceased


Water for South Sudan Board Meetings for 2018-19

To Be Scheduled and Updated Soon

August                     Board Meeting                                                     

September              Board Meeting                                                     

November               Board Meeting                                                                 

December               Annual Meeting

February                  Board Meeting                 

April                         Board Meeting                 

June                         End of Season Meeting   

Water for South Sudan Board meetings are held at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 25 Westminster Rd. Rochester, NY 14607.             Board meetings begin at 5:15 pm.