Ajang Abrahm "AJ" Agok serves as Water for South Sudan's Associate Country Director and also leads our Drilling Team.

AJ was also one of the "Lost Boys" of Sudan who came to the US in 2000. He eventually settled in Dallas, and worked for Samsung. While enjoying his work, and life in the US, AJ longed to go back to South Sudan.

In 2013, AJ reconnected with Salva, Ater Akol "Lion" Thiep, and WFSS and came on board as an intern for our drilling team. He quickly established himself as a valuable team member and was hired in 2014 as our assistant drilling manager. In 2016 he became Associate Country Director, working with his good friend Ater Akol Thiep who now serves as our Country Director.

In his leadership role, AJ helps WFSS achieve our goals in South Sudan. As a native of the country, who speaks the local languages, and knows the people and customs, AJ helps navigate the challenging situations we face in South Sudan. His perseverance and hard work help us as we work to improve operations in South Sudan.