Celebrating the new nation: Basic facts about South Sudan

Citizens of the the world's newest nation, South Sudan, and their supporters are celebrating the birth of their new country. Thanks to the Guardian (U.K.), click here to learn some basic facts about South Sudan.


South Sudan faces great challenges as it celebrates independence

The world's newest nation will face significant challenges; from avoiding a return to war to spurring economic development that benefits its people. Click here to see a fine collection of images and commentary on life in South Sudan produced by The Guardian. Click here to listen to a Guardian-produced podcast on the same subject. PHOTO: Spencer Platt/Getty Images


Peace in Both Sudans: the Enough Project proposal

July 9th, South Sudan's independence day, is days away. Yet the prospects for lasting peace between North and South Sudan remain tenuous. The Enough Project continues to play a major leadership role in advocacy for the region. It's Sudan Now project has issued a report which outlines the conditions necessary to create that lasting peace and the role the US and others can play. Click here to read more and get a copy of the report.


Abeyei region to get UN peacekeepers

According to various news reports, North and South Sudan have agreed to withdraw troops from the Abeyei region. As part of the agreement, a UN force composed of Ethiopian troops will be go into the region to ensure civilian safety. Read more in this account from IRIN.



Support the Sudan Peace process

Water for Sudan, Inc. and other NGOs are urging supporters to urge their government officials to keep political pressure on both the North and South Sudan governments to assure a peaceful transition for South Sudan's impending statehood and peace in the region overall.

Peace advocates will be rallying in Washington, D.C. on June 3rd. For more information, click here.

In addition, it's important that government officials hear directly from citizens on this critical issue. In the US, phone or write your Congressional representative and Senator. Click here to sign an online petition to President Obama.  Outside the US contact your government office and/or UN representative.

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