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Any tax-deductible gift amount, large or small, makes a difference.


You can also send a check or money order payable to: 

Water for South Sudan, Inc.,

PO Box 25551

Rochester, NY 14625, USA.

Make a Gift of Stock

Stock donations may be transferred electronically or delivered to any Charles Schwab office.

Please reference Water for South Sudan, Inc., DTC# 0164, account #4541-6397, and alert the WFSS office that you have made a gift. You may email us at info@waterforsouthsudan.org or call 585-383-0410. Thank you!

Well Sponsorship Program

Your school, organization or family can sponsor a well

Well sponsorship entitles donors to naming rights, which includes an inscription of their choice on the cement of the well and on a banner.

Well sponsorship entitles donors to naming rights, which includes an inscription of their choice on the cement of the well and on a banner.

Water for South Sudan offers groups and individuals the opportunity to sponsor a well. Currently our full cost to drill a well is $15,000. Groups can sponsor a well, and share naming rights, starting at the $5,000 donation level, with full naming rights at the $15,000 donation level.  

See well sponsorship page for further information. You may also contact our office at info@waterforsouthsudan.org

Take the H2O Project Challenge

  1. Make water your only beverage for 2 weeks.
  2. Save the money you would usually spend on beverages.
  3. After 2 weeks, donate the money you saved and give someone clean water for a lifetime.
  4. Learn how easy it is.

Organize a Fundraiser

Ordinary people can do extraordinary things. All it takes is a little time, imagination and a commitment to have fun doing good. See what others have done. Choose among the Fundraising Kits and Materials for helpful tools you can use to get started. Order a DVD to show at group gatherings.

Set up an Online Fundraiser

You can set up an online fundraiser with Crowdrise or Razoo. Simply go to our page on either site, and set up your own fundraiser. You can then share with your family, friends and community.

Special Online Fundraising Option for Iron Giraffe Challenge

You can now set up a dedicated fundraiser for your school's participation in our 2015-16 Iron Giraffe Challenge (IGC) for schools. Visit our IGC challenge fundraising page here.

Gift Family and Friends

Ever think that all of us have way too much "stuff"? That's a great reason to make a donation to Water for South Sudan, Inc. in the name of that friend or family member for that special occasion.  Donate here, or consider visiting our page on Alternative Gifts International.

Become a Corporate or Organization Sponsor

Does your company or organization have a matching gift program? Do they sponsor charitable fund-raisers or support humanitarian causes? Contact Us to learn how we can work together.

WFSS Speaker's Bureau

WFSS Founder Salva Dut now lives in Africa where he oversees WFSS drilling operations. Salva visits our WFSS US office once or twice a year and is not able to make individual visits.  WFSS staff and board members are available by Skype for schools wishing to learn more about our organization, and are also available to speak at schools, and faith-based and civic organizations in the Rochester, New York area.

To request a speaker, download the form below.

Order WFSS Presentation DVD

Order the WFSS Presentation DVD and show it to family, friends, or a group you belong to. Pass it along for others to use. To order, please send a $6 check payable to Water for South Sudan, Inc., PO Box 25551, Rochester, NY 14625, USA. Write "DVD Order" on the check's memo line. 

You may also pay by credit card and order DVD through our on-line donation form. DVDs are $6 each. Please note "DVD" in dedication line.

Donation FAQs

How much does it cost to build one well?    
Currently, the full cost to drill a well is $15,000.  The total cost of a well is determined by the cost of materials in Africa, the difficulty in transporting these materials into remote areas, and the rocky soil through which we often drill.   In addition, we must often drill 100 to 300 feet down to reach the renewable aquifer, which will not run out during the dry season and ensures that villagers have a consistent source of water year-round.


How do we get our name or school on a well?  
Donors who reach the $15,000 level of donation can choose to have their name on a well. We also offer naming rights beginning at the $5,000 level of donation. At this level, we sometimes share naming of the well and can add up to three group names on a well. Please see well sponsorship page for more information.


Where do we send donations? 
Donations may be sent to Water for South Sudan, Inc., PO Box 25551, Rochester, NY 14625, or you may donate online with a credit card. Donations may also be wired to us.  Please write us at info@waterforsouthsudan.org for bank information.

I am outside of the US.  Can I still donate?  
Of course!  We do prefer that donations from outside the US be converted to US Dollars.  Please see question above for where to send donations.